Mobilizing to support women and confront domestic violence

During the holiday season, it’s important to remember that even small gifts can make a big difference in our communities. CUPE Saskatchewan’s Women’s Committee is encouraging CUPE locals and members to consider making a donation to a women’s shelter to support those in our community escaping domestic violence. See also the link to CUPE National’s new guide to domestic violence in the workplace at the end of this post.

CUPE Saskatchewan is also pleased to announce we will be joining the Saskatchewan Federation of Labour and PATHS, the Provincial Association of Transition Houses and Services of Saskatchewan, to mobilize and lobby on the issue of systemic intimate partner violence in the new year.

The following is a complete list of women’s shelters by area for donations:


AIDS Programs South Saskatchewan
Community-Based Organization assisting those living with HIV-AIDS.
Ph. (306) 924.8420 (REGINA)

Carmichael Outreach
Providing assistance to the homeless.
Ph. (306) 757.2235 (REGINA)

Sophia House
Safe shelter for women.
Ph. (306) 565-2537 (REGINA)

Transition House
Safe shelter for women and children.
Ph. (306) 757.2096 (REGINA)

Crisis shelter and residence for victims of violence
Ph. (306) 525-2141 (REGINA)

Moose Jaw Transition House
Safe shelter for women.
Ph. (306) 693.6511 (MOOSE JAW)


Family Services Partners
Partners with organizations that provide support for victims of domestic violence.
Ph. (306) 682.4135 (HUMBOLDT)

Interval House
Safe house for women.
Ph. (306) 244.0185 (SASKATOON)

Adelle House
Safe house for women
Ph. (306) 668-2761 (SASKATOON)

Provides assistance to refugees and their families.
Ph. (306) 343.8061 (SASKATOON)

Salvation Army—Bethany House
Home for girls.
Ph. (306) 244.6758 (SASKATOON)

Salvation Army—Mumford House
Home for women.
Ph. (306) 244.9112 (SASKATOON)

Crisis shelter and residence for victims of violence
Ph. (306) 244-0944 (SASKATOON)


Envision Counseling
Providing support for victims of violence.
Ph. (306) 842.8821 (WEYBURN )
Ph. (306) 637.4004 (ESTEVAN)

Shelwyn House
Safe shelter for women.
Ph. (306) 783.7233 (YORKTON)


Prince Albert Safe Shelter for Women
Safe shelter for women.
Ph. (306) 764.7233 (PRINCE ALBERT)

Salvation Army
Providing assistance to families in need.
Ph. (306) 763.6078 (PRINCE ALBERT)

Assisting those with mental health issues.
Ph. 922.0255 (PRINCE ALBERT)

Westmore Community High School Teen Facility
Helping young moms and dads.
Ph. (306) 764.5115 (PRINCE ALBERT)

North East Outreach
Fundraising to build a new shelter serving Melfort and area
Ph. (306) 752-9464 (MELFORT)

Battlefords Interval Home
Safe shelter for women.
Ph. (306) 445.2742 (NORTH BATTLEFORD)

Lloydminster Interval Home
Safe shelter for women.
Ph. (780) 875.0966 (LLOYDMINSTER)

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