Workers at Saskatoon water and wastewater treatment plants vote to reject second offer

Members of CUPE Local 47 have voted for the second time to reject a tentative agreement with the City of Saskatoon.

Local 47, which represents 130 workers at Saskatoon’s meter shop, water, and wastewater treatment plants as well as environmental protection officers, conducted a ratification vote during the week of November 4, 2019. During this vote, the majority of members rejected the city’s offer.

The local has been without a contract since January 1, 2017 and is the only city bargaining unit still negotiating for this time period.

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CUPE SK Aboriginal Conference 2019: United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples should be the minimum standard to ensure past is not repeated, urges guest speaker Wes George

Guest speaker: Wes George

Delegates to CUPE Saskatchewan’s Aboriginal Conference 2019 heard from a guest speaker born and raised in Saskatchewan with first-hand experience in the development and adoption of the United National Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP) . Wes George (Kaskitew Wikihew Kapapamahat) was born in Whitewood, Saskatchewan and now resides on the Ochapowace Reserve on Treaty 4 territory, working for over 29 years at the United Nations with extensive involvement around UNDRIP, along with involvement in the Final Report of the International Treaty Study and a co-chair of the Global Indigenous Peoples’ Caucus that negotiated the development of the UN Expert Mechanism on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples among the many highlights in his career so far.

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CUPE SK Aboriginal Conference 2019: Tackling racism is all our business!

Guest speaker: Brenda Dubois

“If you’re doing it in my space, it is my business,” said guest speaker Brenda Dubois about tackling racism.

Dubois is the Kokum at the University of Regina Aboriginal Student Centre and spoke to delegates of CUPE Saskatchewan’s Aboriginal Conference 2019 about the benefits of intercultural and inter-generational exchange to strengthen our workplaces and communities.

“Be gracious with the life you have,” encouraged Dubois.

Dubois encouraged delegates to focus on building respectful, caring relationships.

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CUPE Saskatchewan elects two new members to its Aboriginal Council

Newly elected CUPE Saskatchewan Aboriginal Council, from left to right: John McDonald (CUPE Local 4195); Rhonda Akan (CUPE Local 3766); Chyanna Goodwin (CUPE Local 8443); Absent from picture: Jillian Seeback (CUPE Local 5430).

Delegates of the CUPE Saskatchewan Aboriginal Conference elected two new members to the provincial Aboriginal Council on November 8, 2019 in Regina, each for a two-year term ending in 2021. Congratulations to Rhonda Akan (CUPE Local 3766 – Employees of Regina Public Schools) and Chyanna Goodwin (CUPE Local 8443 – Employees of Saskatoon Public Schools).

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CUPE CBO workers of Saskatchewan gather to establish new sector committee, elect first executive

Newly established CUPE CBO Workers of Saskatchewan Sector Committee first elected executive, left to right: Randy Lange (Local 3680); Chantelle Norman (Local 3680); Tacey Goodsman (Local 3364); Brenda McLennan (Local 4449); Annette Welsch (Local 3370); Melissa Marshall (Local 4552); Angie Pawlie (Local 3364).

CBO Workers’ Appreciation Day in Saskatchewan was marked by a historic meeting in Regina to build union strength with the establishment of a new committee to enhance sector-wide solidarity in addressing the challenges workers face in the sector that provides child care, social care and vocational training for people living with disabilities, and community services such as shelters and additions treatment through multiple agencies in various cities and towns. There are approximately 31 CUPE Local Unions across Saskatchewan in the community-based organizations (CBO) sector.

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CUPE social service workers vote in favour of job action to fight for fair wages and work life balance

Members of CUPE Local 600 have voted by an overwhelming 94 per cent to take job action up to and including a full withdrawal of services.

CUPE Local 600 represents close to 385 social and central service workers across the province who help deliver frontline care and support to Saskatchewan’s most vulnerable people.

The two main issues at the bargaining table are wages and hours of work.

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Founding Meeting called to establish CBO Sector Committee in Saskatchewan

CUPE Local Unions in the CBO Sector have received notice of a founding meeting to establish a sector committee from among CUPE Local Unions. The meeting will be held on November 5 to 6, 2019 in Regina.

There are approximately 31 CUPE Local Unions across Saskatchewan in the community-based organizations (CBO) sector. By joining together in a CBO Sector Committee, locals in this sector can coordinate campaigns, participate in political action on shared goals and initiatives, and act as a united voice at a provincial level.

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Information Picket Sends Message to Regina Public School Board: Concessions for School Workers are Rotten!

As CUPE’s request to present at the Regina Public School Board meeting on September 24, 2019 was denied, workers and supporters instead protested outside to make their concerns about bargaining known to trustees: Concessions for School Workers are Rotten! Click here to view the full photo album from Tuesday.

While trustees of the Regina Public School Board have given themselves huge raises upwards of over $6,200 extra per year (an increase of over 23% in 2019) – and even more for the board chair, education workers are being told to take concessions to their benefits, wages and retirement severance.

CUPE Local 3766 and 650 continue to fight to a fair deal.

Parents are asked to join in expressing concern to their local trustee. Protect the support education workers provide students each and every school day. Tell your elected school board trustee: education workers are not worth less!

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CUPE Local 5512 members vote to reject Employer’s final offer

After three days of voting in over 15 communities, CUPE Local 5512 members who work for the Prairie South School Division have voted overwhelmingly (89%) to reject the Employer’s final offer.

“This is a clear message that our members are standing united to demand a fair deal,” said Dave Stevenson, CUPE National Representative. “The current offer on the table is inadequate, and we hope that the Prairie South School Division is listening.”

Earlier this year members of the local voted 95.7% in favour of moving forward with job action, up to and including a full withdrawal of services. The local is not currently in a legal strike position, and both parties have agreed to keep working with the provincially appointed mediator.

The main issues are wages and the Employer’s proposed change to the Long Service Recognition Benefit.

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Education workers start off the school year with an information picket at Regina Public School Board Office

CUPE members rally in front of the Regina Public School Board office on September 3, 2019

Over 100 education support workers started the school year off by taking a stand at the Regina Public School Board meeting.

Members and supporters of CUPE Locals 3766 and 650 held an information picket to demand a fair deal for education workers.

Both locals have been bargaining for over two years and both locals have received strong strike mandates from their members. The main issues are the Employer’s concessions, including a two-year wage freeze and paltry wage increase in years three to five.

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