Become a CUPE Member

Joining CUPE is the best decision you can make to improve your job, secure fairness in your workplace, and make life better for you and your family. Take control of your future. Get in touch with CUPE today. Your call/email is confidential.

With CUPE, you will have the strength of Canada’s largest union on your side. One in 56 Canadians is a CUPE member. There are 30,000 CUPE members in Saskatchewan and over 700,000 across the country.

Here are just a few of the many benefits you receive with membership in the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE):

  • YOU have the support of CUPE’s trained experts.
  • YOU have the ability, together with your co-workers, to negotiate a union contract backed by the strength of Canada’s largest union. Union contracts secure wages, benefits, pensions, and workplace conditions. Contracts also provide a clear dispute procedure to protect you from unfair discipline and dismissal.
  • YOU have more rights, better pay, and improved benefits in a union contract. With a union contract, you negotiate provisions that exceed minimum legal standards – rights workers otherwise simply would not have or could lose if not secured by a contract. Union contracts protect you from sudden changes in law by governments. CUPE has a proud track record of strong contracts.
  • YOU are also less likely to suffer harassment or discrimination. Union members have enforceable rights in their contacts and have union representation on their side.
  • YOU have access to educational opportunities and the ability to provide leadership through elected positions in your CUPE local and affiliated union organizations.
  • Where you find CUPE members, you’ll also see the big impact their union has made on wages, benefits, working conditions and the quality of life in the communities where CUPE members live and work.


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