Executive Board

The 16-member Executive Board carries out the decisions made at the Annual Convention, and it is the governing body of CUPE Saskatchewan Division between Annual Conventions.

Members of the Executive Board are elected at the Annual Convention in alternating years for two-year terms.

JUDY HENLEY, President of CUPE Saskatchewan, serves as the chief spokesperson.

Following elections held at the March 2021 Annual Convention, the Executive Board includes:

Name Position CUPE local membership
JUDY HENLEY President Local 5430
DYLAN BRELAND Vice-President Local 456
J.R. SIMPSON Recording Secretary Local 2268
KENT PETERSON Secretary-Treasurer Local 4828
LOUISE WATSON Indigenous Member Local 5430
ERWIN MARBELLA Diversity Member Local 1975
DEENA KAPACILA Young Worker Member  Local 4828
DIONNE DUFF Boards & Agencies Sector Representative Local 4828
TACEY GOODSMAN CBO Sector Representative Local 3364
OMAR MURRAY Education Sector Representative Local 4754
BASHIR JALLOH Health Sector Representative Local 5430
SANDRA SEITZ Health Sector Representative Local 5430
GALE POMEROY Library Sector Representative Local 2669
NANCY SEMAN Local 600 Representative Local 600
RICK SIELSKI Municipal Sector Representative  Local 47
BOB JONES University Sector Representative  Local 5791

Please contact Nathan Markwart, Executive Assistant at the CUPE Saskatchewan office for further enquiries regarding the Executive Board or to arrange contacts for media.

Correspondence to the President and/or Executive Board can be directed to:

Nathan Markwart, Executive Assistant
CUPE Saskatchewan Division
3725 E Eastgate Drive


/n.m. cope342