Education Sector

Education support workers are the heart of our schools.

CUPE Saskatchewan Education Workers’ Steering Committee (EWSC) represents over 7,000 education support workers in over 40 classifications across Saskatchewan.

We are on the frontline making sure your children have access to safe schools and a quality education system. We are often over-looked and under paid, but our schools work because we do.

We are caretakers and maintenance staff who keep your schools clean and safe. We are education assistants, library technicians, and teacher aides who are there every day supporting your children as they learn. We are school bus drivers who make sure your kids get home from school safely. We are administrative assistants, tech support and many others who make sure the schools run smoothly. We are social workers, nutrition workers, community school coordinators and trained specialists who provide extra support for children with higher needs.


EWSC Executive Members:

  • Omar Murray, Acting Chairperson
  • Teresa Hitchings, Acting Co-Chairperson
  • Dianne Rasmussen, Recording-Secretary
  • Carole-Anne Wilson, Secretary-Treasurer
  • Debbie Dufault, Member-At-Large
  • Bonnie Kuppenbender, Member-At-Large
  • Brandy Kabay, Member-At-Large



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