CUPE Saskatchewan Structure

Every day, in towns and cities across Saskatchewan, members of the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) deliver public services that enrich people’s lives and strengthen our communities. We are proud of the role we play in providing a reliable network of public services from one end of the province to the other.

CUPE Saskatchewan represents 30,000 members working in a variety of public service occupations including: health care, K-12 school system, universities, libraries, municipalities, community-based organizations, and various boards and agencies. CUPE is the largest union in Saskatchewan, and Canada’s leading union.

CUPE Saskatchewan is a Provincial Division of the Canadian Union of Public Employees and unites CUPE locals across the province. CUPE Saskatchewan works at the provincial level for legislative, policy and political change and acts as the political voice for nearly 120 CUPE locals. CUPE locals affiliate to CUPE Saskatchewan.

Together, we stand up for fairness, resist privatization of public services, defend workers’ rights, work to improve the political environment for collective bargaining, and provide CUPE locals with coordination, resources, campaign support, community outreach and educational opportunities.


CUPE Saskatchewan’s ultimate governing body is the Annual Convention.

Each affiliated CUPE local is entitled to send one or more delegates based on their membership size to Convention, held in March every year typically either in Regina or Saskatoon.

Convention is where reports are provided on the work of the provincial division body, resolutions are passed and policies are established, the budget for operations and activities are determined, and CUPE members are elected to leadership positions by a vote of the delegates present including a full-time President, officers and members of the Executive Board, three Trustees, and members of advisory Standing Committees.


The CUPE Saskatchewan 18-member Executive Board is the governing body between Annual Conventions. The Executive Board meets several times a year. The provincial Executive Board is comprised of a President, Vice-President, Secretary-Treasurer, Recording Secretary and board members elected to represent membership sectors and/or the diversity of the membership. For a current list of the Executive Board, visit:


CUPE Saskatchewan has seven (7) permanent committees, known as Standing Committees, established by the constitution that advise the Executive Board on actions to consider on behalf of CUPE members and are dedicated to a specific policy/program area. For a current list of Standing Committees and their members, visit:

View the following detailed resource: CUPE Saskatchewan Structure – In Focus: Standing Committees (Updated: May 2023)


From time-to-time, committees are established by the President and Executive Board for a specific activity. An ad-hoc committee typically has a defined mandate and dissolve once their mandate or assigned activity is complete. Ad-hoc committees are usually established to study an issue and to make recommendations to the Executive Board to consider and make a decision.


CUPE locals within a membership sector may establish and affiliate to an occupational group-based Steering Committee. These committees coordinate information-sharing, activities and campaigns within a membership sector and elect a Chair and Committee Executive Members from affiliated CUPE locals. Presently, Saskatchewan CUPE locals have established the following Steering Committees:

  • Community Based Organizations (CBOs) Steering Committee
  • Education Workers’ Steering Committee (EWSC)
  • Library Workers’ Steering Committee
  • Municipal Employees Steering Committee

View current contact information for Occupational Group Steering Committees at:


CUPE Saskatchewan employs two staff members to carry out its activities including an Executive Assistant to provide communications, research and governance support, and an Office Clerk to provide administrative support for its operations.

CUPE Saskatchewan maintains an office in Regina at 3725 E Eastgate Drive, beside the CUPE National Regional Office.



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