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Union communities_healthy communitiesUnion Communities, Healthy Communities debunks the conservative movement’s attacks on labour and makes the case that unions are vital to stable economic growth.  Unions successfully promote fair wages, decent working conditions, social programs, and public services which benefit all citizens – not just unionized workers.


CEO pay rates show growing inequality in Canada

PaywatchBy 1:18pm on January 2, 2013, the first official working day of the year, Canada’s top 100 CEOs will have already pocketed $45,448 – the income that it takes the average Canadian an entire year of full-time work to earn.  At this rate, Canada’s highest paid CEOs make 235 times more than Canadians earning the average wage.

The annual CEO pay watch compiled by The Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives reminds us that trickle-down economics with tax breaks for already profitable corporations and the wealthy is actually increasing inequality in Canada.  Alternatively, fair taxes and better average wages advanced by unions would go a long way to narrow the growing inequality gap.

  • Visit the pay clock to find out just how much the average worker and top CEO have earned so far.


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