Canada Day 2021: A time for reflection and solidarity for justice

This Canada Day, we pause for somber reflection after the recent tragic discovery of the unmarked graves of children buried at the sites of former residential schools. We stand united in collective grief to mourn the Indigenous lives lost to the painful legacy of violence through colonialism. These recent events, and the effort to conduct more searches at former sites, are a painful reminder of our past and the ongoing harm of colonialism that must now be a turning point for truth and reconciliation. Canada Day is also a time to reflect on the many long-standing inequalities exposed by the pandemic that must now be redressed – as we stand up for workers’ rights and demand access to paid sick leave for all workers, a living wage, and stronger public services to build more fairness and better living standards in our communities.

Our solidarity as workers in demanding action for justice, for truth and reconciliation, for fairness in our workplaces and society, and for access to quality public services will build a future that we can all celebrate.


Published by the Division Office / NM cope 342