Saskatoon District Labour Council President welcomes CUPE Saskatchewan

The Saskatoon District Labour Council President and CUPE member Don MacDonald took to the convention stage to welcome CUPE Saskatchewan 2024 delegates to the city. MacDonald shared the work that SDLC affiliates, including several CUPE locals have been doing to help the build community in Saskatoon.

His report featured the charity work the SDLC has done in partnership with the United Way to support various community initiatives, like providing supplies to women in need, feeding the hungry, and providing summer programming for children in Saskatoon.

He also stressed the work the SDLC has been doing to promote political engagement at the municipal level. The SDLC organized events which allowed affiliates and workers to speak directly to the mayor and council in Saskatoon. Ahead of the municipal elections, they have convened a political action committee to advance workers interests in the city.

MacDonald concluded by stressing that the SDLC stands with CUPE members now, and in the future.

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