NDP Leader Carla Beck earns delegate support at CUPE Saskatchewan convention

Today, Opposition Leader Carla Beck brought a keynote address to the CUPE Saskatchewan convention where delegates voted to formally endorse her and the Saskatchewan NDP in the next election and make her the first woman Premier in Saskatchewan’s history.

“Carla Beck brought energy to our convention and a welcome commitment to fight for Saskatchewan public services,” said Kent Peterson, elected president of CUPE Saskatchewan. “People are tired of Scott Moe cutting and selling off the public services they rely on.”

At CUPE Saskatchewan’s 2024 convention, members passed a resolution to support Carla Beck and the Saskatchewan NDP in the coming election and a motion to “reaffirm its affiliation to the Saskatchewan NDP” for the coming fiscal year.

“I am looking forward to supporting CUPE members in political action in the lead up to the upcoming school board, municipal and provincial elections,” added Peterson. Saskatchewan people need to come together to elect leaders like Carla Beck and other progressive politicians that will fight for the working people of this province.”