STF President joins CUPE convention, members stand in solidarity with Saskatchewan teachers

SASKATOON – Today, Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation (STF) President Samantha Becotte brought greetings to CUPE’s annual convention. CUPE remains united with teachers to improve public education after years of Sask. Party government underfunding and cuts.

“Years of underfunding and cuts by the Sask. Party government have eroded school staffing levels, leaving children with complex needs, needing mental health supports and learning English as an additional language without critical support to help them succeed. The same working conditions that impact STF members also challenge CUPE members, and they are standing up together to fight for better support for educators and students” said Omar Murray, chair of CUPE Saskatchewan Education Workers Steering Committee.

“CUPE Saskatchewan was first out of the blocks in showing vocal support for our job action and for that I offer a deep and sincere thank you. Every person understands the importance of negotiating working conditions with your employer and the need to include contract language that protects the rights of working people. That’s all teachers are asking for; provisions on class size and classroom complexity that protect teachers and improve the quality of education provided to students – your children,” said STF President Samantha Becotte.

“Together, we are imagining a different province; a better Saskatchewan. That’s how this province will change,” added Becotte.

CUPE represents over 7,000 education support workers in Saskatchewan’s K-12 education system and the STF represents 13,500 teachers.