“It can be done:” CLC Executive Vice President addresses CUPE Saskatchewan Delegates

Canadian Labour Congress (CLC) Executive Vice-President Larry Rousseau warmed up the convention crowd at the CUPE Saskatchewan 2024 convention with the singing of the familiar union anthem, “Solidarity Forever!”. Rousseau’s greetings to delegates in Saskatchewan from the labour movement’s national body uniting all of Canada’s unions: with solidarity, we can build a better and fairer future. It can be done.

“Organizing,” said Rousseau, “is more than just signing union cards. It’s political action, solidarity, and community building. Decision makers should be looking out for the most vulnerable, but conservative governments try to distract and divide us instead. We know that if we work together; we can guarantee a better future. We need everybody. It can be done,” said Rousseau.

Rousseau highlighted that Saskatchewan, and all of Canada are facing many crises; from the affordability crisis, crisis in healthcare, housing, and more. All these crises can be dealt with if unions work together. His message was clear: “Moe has got to go!”

Larry reminded delegates that when conservatives governments want to shut down human rights commissions, they are coming after workers too. Corporations want conservative governments because they want to cut wages and get rid of unions. In this moment, with so many crises coming to a head, and elections coming up it is critical that we organize.

From Scott Moe to Pierre Poilievre, conservatives are looking to dismantle union power and workers rights. They cut spending on public services, cutting public sector jobs in the process, leaving workers out in the cold.

But we know what happens when we work together to elect union allies to government.

Rousseau highlighted the wins for workers won under the supply and confidence agreement secured by the Federal NDP, as well as the great strides already won in Manitoba under the newly elected NDP provincial Government. National universal pharmacare for all, dental care, and anti scab legislation are wins which improve the lives of all workers and builds solidarity.

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