CUPE National Convention: Delegates vote to condemn Scott Moe’s attack on Charter Rights of Saskatchewan kids

QUEBEC CITY: In an unprecedented show of unity, over 2,500 delegates attending the CUPE National Convention have voted in favour of an emergency resolution to condemn Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe’s assault on the Charter rights of Saskatchewan children.

Scott Moe’s Bill 137, introduced on October 12, 2023, pre-emptively invokes the Notwithstanding Clause, which threatens to suspend Charter rights for Saskatchewan’s most vulnerable children. The emergency resolution highlights the misuse of the Notwithstanding Clause as a dangerous precedent that leaves the door open for further erosions of fundamental human rights, including those of marginalized groups and workers.

The emergency resolution outlines CUPE’s commitment to this critical cause. CUPE will mobilize its resources and collaborate with coalition partners to resist Scott Moe’s legislative move.

CUPE National calls on all Canadians to join in this fight to protect fundamental rights and freedoms for all, including the most vulnerable members of society.

The Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) is Canada’s largest union, representing over 740,000 members and over 30,000 members in Saskatchewan. CUPE is dedicated to advancing the rights and well-being of workers and fighting for social justice, equality, and human rights for all Canadians.

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