CUPE SK Aboriginal Conference 2019: Tackling racism is all our business!

Guest speaker: Brenda Dubois

“If you’re doing it in my space, it is my business,” said guest speaker Brenda Dubois about tackling racism.

Dubois is the Kokum at the University of Regina Aboriginal Student Centre and spoke to delegates of CUPE Saskatchewan’s Aboriginal Conference 2019 about the benefits of intercultural and inter-generational exchange to strengthen our workplaces and communities.

“Be gracious with the life you have,” encouraged Dubois.

Dubois encouraged delegates to focus on building respectful, caring relationships.

CUPE Saskatchewan’s 19th annual Aboriginal Conference was held on November 7 to 8, 2019 in Regina. The annual conference is open to CUPE members, and members of other unions, with a focus on equality and rights for Indigenous People in our workplaces and communities.

Article by /n.m. cope 342 (CUPE SK)