Founding Meeting called to establish CBO Sector Committee in Saskatchewan

CUPE Local Unions in the CBO Sector have received notice of a founding meeting to establish a sector committee from among CUPE Local Unions. The meeting will be held on November 5 to 6, 2019 in Regina.

There are approximately 31 CUPE Local Unions across Saskatchewan in the community-based organizations (CBO) sector. By joining together in a CBO Sector Committee, locals in this sector can coordinate campaigns, participate in political action on shared goals and initiatives, and act as a united voice at a provincial level.

What is a CBO Sector Committee?

CUPE Local Unions can decide to form a sector committee (also known as a steering
committee or provincial sectoral group) that allows for locals in a particular sector across the province to join together in a coordinated body to advance common interests and objectives for their membership.

Why hold a Founding Meeting?

In order to establish a CBO Sector Committee, a Founding Meeting must be held to establish bylaws that determine how such a committee would operate, to decide the affiliation levy (also referred to as the dues rate) each local would pay to fund the activities of the committee on an on-going basis, and to elect members to serve on the Executive Board of the committee to begin its activities.

What happens at the Founding Meeting?

  1. Delegates sent by each CUPE Local Union decide if they agree collectively to establish a sector committee.
  2. Determine the structure and guidelines of how this sector committee would operate,by discussing and voting on bylaws.
  3. Set the affiliation levy (also referred to as dues rate) each local would be asked to pay each month to join the committee.
  4. Hold elections for the first Executive Board of the CBO Sector Committee.

TO REGISTER: Send completed Registration Forms into the CUPE Saskatchewan Office by email to:

Please register by: Friday, October 25, 2019


  1. Notice of Founding Meeting on November 5 and 6, 2019
  2. Registration Form for Founding Meeting 
  3. Proposed Bylaws of the “CUPE CBO Workers of Saskatchewan”
  4. Explanation of the Proposed Bylaws
  5. Small Local Assistance Form

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