Information Picket Sends Message to Regina Public School Board: Concessions for School Workers are Rotten!

As CUPE’s request to present at the Regina Public School Board meeting on September 24, 2019 was denied, workers and supporters instead protested outside to make their concerns about bargaining known to trustees: Concessions for School Workers are Rotten! Click here to view the full photo album from Tuesday.

What’s the issue? The Regina Public School Board’s trustees have given themselves a huge raise amounting to over $6,200 each this year alone, while instructing school workers at the bargaining table to take cuts to their benefits, pay and remove any requirement in the union contract for trustees to hear the concerns of workers.

Education support workers represented by the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) Locals 650 and 3766 only want a living wage, decent benefits, and a fair deal for a new contract so they can take care of the needs of our students, classrooms and school buildings. So far, trustees are only interested in ignoring support workers and endorsing their administration’s rotten demand for school workers to take concessions.

Parents are asked to join in expressing concern to their local trustee. Protect the support education workers provide students each and every school day. Tell your elected school board trustee: education workers are not worth less!

Ask your trustee:

  • Why should trustees get huge raises while school workers are told to take concessions?
  • How can we support our classrooms when school workers face hurtful cuts?


Dr. Jane Ekong – Trustee for Subdivision 1 or

Schools in Subdivision 1

  • F. W. Johnson Collegiate
  • Judge Bryant School
  • École W. S. Hawrylak School
  • Wilfred Hunt School
  • Jack MacKenzie School
  • W. F. Ready School
  • École Wascana Plains School
  • École Wilfrid Walker School

Aleana Young – Trustee for Subdivision 2

Schools in Subdivision 2

  • Balfour Collegiate
  • Campbell Collegiate
  • Arcola Community School
  • Douglas Park School
  • Grant Road School
  • École Massey School
  • Marion McVeety School
  • Thomson Community School

Adam Hicks – Board Vice-Chair & Trustee for Subdivision 3

Schools in Subdivision 3

  • Sheldon-Williams Collegiate
  • Argyle School
  • École Connaught Community School
  • The Crescents School (formerly Davin School)
  • École Harbour Landing School
  • Lakeview School
  • Ethel Milliken School
  • Dr. A. E. Perry School

Cindy Anderson – Trustee for Subdivision 4

Schools in Subdivision 4

  • Campus Regina Public
  • Henry Braun School
  • Dr. George Ferguson School
  • Glen Elm Community School
  • Imperial Community School
  • McDermid Community School

Tanya Foster – Trustee for Subdivision 5 or

Schools in Subdivision 5

  • Allan Blakeney Adult Campus
  • Martin Collegiate
  • Scott Collegiate
  • Albert Community School
  • Kitchener Community School
  • Rosemont Community School
  • Seven Stones Community School
  • Walker School

Katherine Gagne – Board Chair & Trustee for Subdivision 6 or

Schools in Subdivision 6

  • Winston Knoll Collegiate
  • Thom Collegiate
  • M. J. Coldwell School
  • Coronation Park Community School
  • Dr. L. M. Hanna School
  • Henry Janzen School
  • George Lee School
  • Gladys McDonald School
  • Ruth Pawson School

Jay Kasperski – Trustee for Subdivision 7

Schools in Subdivision 7

  • Ruth M. Buck School
  • École Centennial School
  • W. H. Ford School
  • MacNeill School
  • McLurg School
  • École Elsie Mironuck Community School
  • Plainsview School

Refer to the following map to find your subdivision and trustee in Regina: