Information Picket Sends Message to Regina Public School Board: Concessions for School Workers are Rotten!

As CUPE’s request to present at the Regina Public School Board meeting on September 24, 2019 was denied, workers and supporters instead protested outside to make their concerns about bargaining known to trustees: Concessions for School Workers are Rotten! Click here to view the full photo album from Tuesday.

While trustees of the Regina Public School Board have given themselves huge raises upwards of over $6,200 extra per year (an increase of over 23% in 2019) – and even more for the board chair, education workers are being told to take concessions to their benefits, wages and retirement severance.

CUPE Local 3766 and 650 continue to fight to a fair deal.

Parents are asked to join in expressing concern to their local trustee. Protect the support education workers provide students each and every school day. Tell your elected school board trustee: education workers are not worth less!

Refer to the following map to find your subdivision and trustee in Regina:

Katherine Gagne (Chairperson), Subdivision 6  306-585-6601

Adam Hicks (Vice-Chairperson), Subdivision 3  306-527-1240

Dr. Jane Ekong, Subdivision 1  306-789-2021

Tanya Foster, Subdivision 5  306-581-7171

Jay Kasperski, Subdivision 7  306-533-5107

Aleana Young, Subdivision 2  306-591-0169

Cindy Anderson, Subdivision 4  306-596-5949

Greg Enion, Director of Education  306-523-3017