Attend CUPE Saskatchewan’s Winter School 2016


CUPE Sask Winter School 2016, Brochure-1All interested CUPE Saskatchewan union activists are encouraged to register to attend the CUPE Saskatchewan Winter School February 1 – 4, 2016 at the Temple Gardens Hotel and Spa in Moose Jaw. Courses offered include: Introduction to Pensions, Steward Learning Series, Using Our Power at Election Time, and Unionism on Turtle Island.

Three scholarships are available for CUPE members to attend:

1. Glen Makahonuk Scholarship
2. Two Scholarships
– One for Equity-Seeking Groups
– One for Young Worker Group

The scholarship application deadline is Tuesday, January 5, 2016. The deadline for registration and payment is Thursday, January 7, 2016.

For more information, download the brochure and registration form (includes scholarship application forms): CUPE Saskatchewan Winter School 2016 Brochure and Registration (PDF)

CUPE launches new TV ad


This week, CUPE launched an ad criticizing the Saskatchewan government’s privatization agenda.

In 2009, Brad Wall said he would never allow someone “to use a bulging wallet to jump the queue.” Now his government is doing exactly that.

“We having growing concerns about the scale of privatization and what it will mean for families across this province,” said Gordon Campbell, president of the CUPE Health Care Council. “CUPE is committed to public delivery of health care in the province, but clearly the government has a different idea of what is best for the people of Saskatchewan as it continues to privatize cost-efficient and well-paying jobs in the province.”

The ad is running on TV stations and websites throughout the province.

Historic petition demonstrates there is no mandate to privatize


CUPE Saskatchewan President Tom Graham and Executive Assistant Andrew Loewen deliver Own It! petitions to the Legislature.

CUPE Saskatchewan President Tom Graham and Executive Assistant Andrew Loewen deliver Own It! petitions to the Legislature.

REGINA – 19,346 Saskatchewan voters have signed an online and physical petition

saying no to privatization. Today the Own It! campaign and the Saskatchewan Federation of Labour (SFL) delivered 17,247 physical petition signatures to the Legislature, calling on the Sask Party government to stop its risky and costly privatization agenda.

“The Sask Party government has outright sold a number of crown corporations, weakened our utility crowns, and has privatized bypasses, hospital laundry services, correctional food services, MRIs, and is even building privatized schools and a privatized prison,” said SFL President Larry Hubich. “The broad support for this petition demonstrates that there is no appetite in Saskatchewan for privatization,” he added.

This petition is one of the largest in Saskatchewan’s history, and shows that Saskatchewan voters are looking for investment into their crowns and public services, not a sell-off to out-of-province corporations.

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Saskatchewan CUPE activist Pearl Blommaert wins national Health and Safety Award


PearlBlommaertFor more than 25 years, Sister Pearl Blommaert, CUPE National’s 2015 Health and Safety award winner, has worked tirelessly to improve health and safety standards for workers in Saskatchewan and across Canada.

In the early 1990s, Blommaert was instrumental in forcing her employer, and then the entire province of Saskatchewan, to adopt violence prevention policies and legislation. This was a first in Canadian Health and Safety Law: since then, all provinces except one have adopted similar legislation.

“It is with recognition for the tremendous support of my local and CUPE members in Saskatchewan that I accept this award,” said Blommaert, president of CUPE 4980. “I want to thank CUPE National’s Health and Safety committee and staff – who taught me that violence is not part of my job and for helping us improve health and safety regulations in Saskatchewan.”

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CUPE Saskatchewan congratulates CUPE National President-Elect Mark Hancock


HancockCUPE Saskatchewan congratulates Mark Hancock, who was elected national president of the Canadian Union of Public Employees on Wednesday, November 4 at CUPE’s 27th biennial national convention in Vancouver. Brother Hancock has been the President of CUPE BC since 2013. CUPE Saskatchewan also thanks Hancock’s challenger CUPE Ontario president Fred Hahn for his dedication. Outgoing president Paul Moist served as president for 12 years before announcing his retirement in early October. CUPE Saskatchewan celebrates Brother Moist’s many achievements and years of service as national president.

Legal Opinion clear that Bill 179 violates the Canada Health Act


Steven Shrybman and Dr. Sally Mahood address the media at press conference in Regina, Saskatchewan.

Legal expert Steven Shrybman and Dr. Sally Mahood address the media at a press conference in Regina, Saskatchewan. October 29, 2015.

A legal opinion commissioned by CUPE Saskatchewan shows that Bill 179, the Private MRI Facilities Licensing Act, is in violation of the Canada Health Act.

Bill 179 permits private MRI clinics to charge patients out-of-pocket user fees for MRI services, which will allow patients to jump the queue for diagnosis and treatment. In 2008, Premier Brad Wall told reporters that offering MRI services for a fee “seems to be outside the Canada Health Act” and was an area where the government did not want to tread.

“By creating two-tiered medical care, Bill 179 offends the criteria established by the Canada Health Act,” said Steven Shrybman, a lawyer with Goldblatt Partners LLP. “While privately funded MRIs are permitted in some provinces, in our opinion, the practice is unlawful under the Canada Health Act and fundamentally at odds with the most essential feature of Medicare, which is care according to need, not one’s ability to pay.”

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Own it! project gives Saskatchewan people chance to say YES to public services



Sign the petition!

Is the privatization of Saskatchewan’s vital public services really happening?

You bet it is. It is real and it is taking place quietly all across our province — in our hospitals, schools, long term care facilities, and so much more.

Own it! Saskatchewan belongs to everyone is a new project that will give citizens a voice in a province-wide discussion about the future of public services and Crowns.

Saskatchewan’s public services belong to everyone. Let’s keep them strong!

Sign the Petition at and download and print the petition to get as many people as you can to say YES to keeping and strengthening our public services and Crown corporations.

Working together – we can make a difference!

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Health Care Providers’ Week

HCPW 2015This is Health Care Providers’ Week! Let’s take a moment to recognize all that CUPE health care providers do behind the scenes and on the front line caring for the people in your life and contributing to high quality, public health care in Saskatchewan.

CUPE proudly represents over 13,000 health care providers across Saskatchewan. We are continuing care aides, home health aides and licensed practical nurses, dietary staff, medical technologists and technicians, housekeeping and laundry aides, clerical and maintenance staff, therapeutic and recreation workers.

Workers’ Compensation Act Committee of Review – Attend a public meeting

The Workers’ Compensation Act – Committee of Review (COR) is holding public meetings for people and organizations to recount their experiences with the workers’ compensation program and make suggestions for improvements or reform.

Public involvement is critical. Individuals or organizations are invited to share their opinions, concerns or experiences with the Workers’ Compensation system either through written submissions or by attending a public hearing.

Attend a public meeting near you from October 19 – November 17, 2015.

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Federal Election: Vote on October 19, 2015

Voting Matters

Vote on OCTOBER 19, 2015.

The upcoming federal election will take place on October 19, 2015 and advanced polls will take place October 9 – 12, 2015.

Every vote will count, and we’re just one election away from a federal government that will create change that matters for all Canadian workers and their families.

Make change happen and vote! 

Click here to visit CUPE’s 2015 Election Hub.

Voter information from Elections Canada:

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CUPE provides support for northern Saskatchewan communities dealing with the aftermath of summer forest fires

REGINA – Over the summer, northern Saskatchewan faced an unprecedented number of forest fires that, at its height, forced the evacuation of over 13,000 people from their homes for weeks over the summer. While the threat has since subsided and northern residents have returned home, efforts to provide relief and support for impacted communities continue. CUPE, Saskatchewan’s largest public sector union, has announced a donation of $20,000 to the ongoing relief efforts provided by the Prince Albert Grand Council for northern communities and reserves. The amount is the combined donation made by CUPE Saskatchewan, CUPE Health Care Council, and CUPE National.

“It’s important all of us continue to stand with and support northern communities dealing with the lasting impact of the devastating forest fires this summer,” said Tom Graham, President of CUPE Saskatchewan. “CUPE, Saskatchewan’s community union, is pleased to make a donation to the Prince Albert Grand Council in support of ongoing efforts to assist northern residents impacted by forest fires.”

The donation made to the Prince Albert Grand Council will go towards the total expenses of providing emergency relief efforts for forest fire evacuees over the summer and additional support services coordinated through the Council. The Prince Albert Grand Council represents 12 First Nations including the reserves of Lac La Ronge and Montreal Lake that were evacuated due to forest fires.

“The Prince Albert Grand Council has over 38,000 members, many of which were affected and still recovering from the 2015 northern Saskatchewan fires and evacuation. On behalf of our PAGC membership, executive, staff and volunteers, I wish to extend my hand in gratitude to CUPE Saskatchewan for the good will shown in this time,” said Grand Chief Ron Michel. “The journey to recover in this tragedy has been made shorter by your good deed to us today! – Ekosi, Marsi Cho, Wasti-lo, Thank you.”

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