Province’s largest union launches new advertising campaign: Scott Moe has Broken Saskatchewan

Today, CUPE Saskatchewan launched a new province-wide multimedia advertising campaign in the lead up to the fall general election. The Scott Moe has Broken Saskatchewan campaign highlights how Scott Moe and his Sask. Party government have broken Saskatchewan’s health system, failed to address the affordability crisis or build a strong economy.

“Scott Moe’s track record in government is clear – it’s one of failure. He’s broken our health system, he did almost nothing to address the generational affordability crisis and blew through multiple booms without building a strong and resilient economy,” said Kent Peterson, president of CUPE Saskatchewan.

“We’re launching this campaign to remind people of Scott Moe’s record of failure and to urge them to vote for change in the fall election.”

The advertising campaign launched today will be featured on radio, digital, transit advertising, and billboard platforms until the provincial election.

To view the province-wide advertisement, click here: