Henley: Moe bucks won’t address Saskatchewan’s affordability crisis

The following statement by Judy Henley, President of CUPE Saskatchewan, was released in response to the announcement by the provincial government.

Scott Moe’s attempt to buy votes ahead of the Meewasin byelection is a cynical move by a government desperate to distract from the many scandals and controversies this government is facing. This thinly veiled attempt to distract voters from this government’s failures will not work.

CUPE is also questioning how the money is being distributed, with high and low-income adults receiving the same amount, and no additional funds for adults with dependents.

The estimated $450 million could be allocated in a more equitable fashion. Not everyone needs a rebate. This money could have been targeted for the people who need it most: families with children, seniors on a fixed income and workers that are struggling to get by on the lowest minimum wage in Canada.

Furthermore, our public services are the greatest equalizers we have. This government should be investing in education, childcare, senior’s care, and reducing utility costs. Finally, they should be supporting real cost of living wage increases for all workers.

CUPE Saskatchewan is the largest union in the province and represents over 30,000 workers in health care, education, universities, community-based organizations, childcare, municipalities, libraries, social services, board and agencies and many more.

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