Labour Day 2021: Workers and strong public services vital to pandemic recovery

The pandemic has made clear that we depend on public services and the workers who provide them to keep our communities safe and strong.

We owe so much to our front-line heroes for their courage and commitment delivering vital services, and we have many more unsung heroes to recognize and appreciate for their efforts – often working behind the scenes, and far too often taken for granted.

Amid a fourth wave and a federal election, this Labour Day is as much a celebration of hard-fought past achievements for workers as it is a time to join in solidarity, to demand better for all workers and to call for stronger public services. The fight against the coronavirus demands that employers and governments take care of the workers who are taking care of all of us and our communities, and a recovery from the pandemic must not go back to the way things were – but the structural change long overdue for greater economic, social and climate justice.

Too many people have fallen ill and lost their lives because of their jobs, inequality and through the glaring lack of protections for the most vulnerable in our society. Now is the time to provide legislated paid sick days and a living wage for all workers, invest in stronger public services including public long-term care and health care, and to support long overdue recognition for workers providing care and support for our seniors, those living with disabilities, childcare, sanitation and cleaning, and the many jobs and classifications that have been overlooked and undervalued for far too long.

This Labour Day, let’s remember the power of workers’ solidarity to achieve new standards for fairness and the true value of workers and public services.

All members are encouraged to take the opportunity to have their say in this upcoming federal election for more fairness in our society, to build-up stronger public services and to provide more support for the workers who have helped us through this ongoing public health crisis.

Members can visit the CUPE Votes hub for more information about the issues at stake this election and pledge to vote.

Happy Labour Day from all 30,000 members of CUPE delivering public services across Saskatchewan!

Published by the Division Office /nm Cope 342