International Workers Day: Keeping our communities safe and pushing forward for fairness

The fight against the coronavirus has shown that workers and public services across Saskatchewan, this country and around the globe keep our communities safe, cared for and strong. All workers deserve recognition for their contributions, their commitment and their courage.

It has unfortunately taken an unprecedented crisis of a pandemic for the government and employers to show more recognition to their front-line workers, to urgently invest in public services long starved of funds, and to finally recognize just how unsustainable a society is with low wages and precarious work.

May Day is a time to reflect on how Unions have fought hard, enduring struggles to establish collective bargaining and democracy in the workplace bringing decency, fairness and safety standards to our work. It is also a day to resolve to do much more.

On this May Day, we commit not just to fighting back against the coronavirus to keep our communities safe, but also to pushing forward to build a new system with robust public services and fairness for all.

Solidarity with all workers from CUPE Saskatchewan!

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