Workers at Saskatoon Water and Waste-Water Treatment plants vote to reject offer from the city

Members of CUPE Local 47 have voted to reject the City of Saskatoon’s latest contract offer.

Local 47, which represents 130 workers at Saskatoon’s Meter Shop, Water and Wastewater Treatment Plants, and Environmental Protection Officers, conducted a two day ratification vote on June 24th and 26th. During this vote, 93% of members rejected the City’s offer.

“The overwhelming result from members shows unified support for the executive and bargaining committee,” said Troy Daw, president of the Local. “The City’s offer was filled with concessions and extremely poor wage increases. Our members have made it clear: we stand together against concessions.”

One of the most problematic concessions the City is demanding is the elimination of Hours of Work language bargained in previous agreements. Elimination of hours of work language means that workers may not have secure hours of work, which will impact work and life balance for members.

“Local 47 members are extremely proud to be involved in producing exceptional water quality for citizens of Saskatoon. Our water workers always step up to the plate when the City requests them to alter hours of work in emergencies and for special projects,” said Daw. “Many Local 47 members have young families and want the ability to have some level of work and life balance. Balance can only be achieved though secure hours of work language in the collective agreement.”

The local has been without a contract since January 1, 2017. The bargaining committee will be meeting to discuss next steps.

“We are ready to fight for a fair contract, and our membership is with us,” said Daw. “We hope that the City of Saskatoon pays attention to this strong mandate, and that they will come back to the table ready to remove concessions.”

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