World Water Day 2019

Access to clean and safe drinking water and wastewater services are essential to human life and health, and clean water supplies sustain our environment and planet. On World Water Day on March 22, CUPE renews its commitment as public sector workers on the frontline to protect and defend water and wastewater (sewage) services from privatization that takes away public ownership and control of water, including from commercial exploitation through trade agreements or bottled water. Sustainable management of our water systems and water supply can only be possible through public ownership and control to ensure that human need and responsible environment stewardship are always a priority.

Be on the lookout for signs of water privatization, and learn more about how the federal government’s so-called Infrastructure Bank and P3 privatization schemes threaten public ownership and control of water in our communities. Check out the Blue Communities project with the Council of Canadians that builds support for public water and wastewater services in municipalities and Indigenous communities.

For more resources, visit the following link: www.