Vote on October 26 – Saskatchewan Community Elections 2016

vote-on-oct-26-2016_main-pic_finalElections for municipal officials and school board trustees are taking place in communities across Saskatchewan on Wednesday, October 26, 2016.

Your vote on October 26 can decide the future of your community.

The decisions, policies and budgets made by local elected officials affect our everyday quality of life and determine access to public services. As CUPE members, it’s important that candidates support the work we do to deliver public services that strengthen our communities and enrich people’s lives.

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The following are progressive candidates who support working families running for election:



  • Charlene Miller. Charlene is a member of CUPE Local 4777 and is running for re-election as Ward 1 Councillor.
  • Terra Lennox-Zepp. Terra is a member of CUPE Local 1949 and is running for City Council in Ward 2.



  • Kelli Hawtin. Kelli is a member of CUPE Local 5111 and is running for re-election to City Council.



  • Janet Severson. Janet is a member of CUPE Local 5999 and is running for Reeve in the RM of Estevan No. 5.



  • Don Mitchell. Don is running for re-election to City Council.



The following is a list of candidates in Regina that have been endorsed by the Regina and District Labour Council:

Regina City Council — Councillor:

Ward 2 – Syed Tayyab
Ward 3 – Andrew Stevens
Ward 4 – Asfaw Debia
Ward 6 – Ashley Deacon
Ward 7 – Ameer Gill
Ward 8 – David Chapados
Ward 9 – Aidan Wotherspoon
Ward 10 – Brian Sklar

Regina Catholic School Division – School Board Trustee:

  • Marg Romanow. Marg is a member of CUPE Local 3761.


Regina Public School Board – School Board Trustee:

Subdivision 3 – Nathaniel Cole
Subdivision 4 – Misty Longman
Subdivision 5 – Tara Molson


Saskatoon City Council — Councillor:

  • Pat Lorje. Pat is running for re-election as Ward 2 Councillor.
  • Ann Iwanchuk. Ann is a CUPE National Servicing Representative and is running for re-election as Ward 3 Councillor.
  • Bev Dubois. Bev is running for election as Ward 9 Councillor.


Greater Saskatoon Catholic Schools — School Board Trustee:

  • Doris Turcotte. Doris is a member of CUPE Local 2268 and is running for Trustee.




When and how do I vote on October 26, 2016 or advanced polls?

Election information for Saskatchewan’s cities can be found below:


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