TAKE ACTION – Have your say about Saskatchewan’s health care restructuring plan

have-your-say-about-sk-health-care-restructuringThe government of Saskatchewan has announced a three person panel to develop recommendations for reorganization of health care. The committee has a mandate to “recommend a structure with fewer regional health authorities to achieve administrative efficiencies as well as improvements to frontline service delivery.” The final report is due on October 31, 2016, and all public comments are due by September 26, 2016.

This is a very quick turn around, and we are concerned that it will be difficult to gather fulsome public feedback. The impacts of health care reorganization are far ranging, and it important that as many people as possible write to panel to voice concerns.

Saskatchewan has gone through two health care mergers. Both instances significantly disrupted the whole health system and distracted from the main purpose of the health care system: which is to provide quality care to patients and residents.

We need to make sure that the process in place considers quality of care, and protects our public health care system.

If you are concerned about the impact health reorganization, please write a letter today.

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