Pension deal another step closer to the finish line

REGINA: Members of the Regina Civic Pension Plan are one step closer to having a secure pension deal. The Pension and Benefits Committee, which represents the 21 employee groups, voted unanimously on Wednesday evening to support the pension agreement reached with the City of Regina. The City of Regina has also voted unanimously to support the amended pension deal.

“Plan members are pleased to see a negotiated solution that completes the LOI and addresses the governance concerns,” said Kirby Benning, chair of the Pension and Benefits Committee. “Now we turn our attention to the Superintendent of Pensions and hope that he does the right thing and signs off on this deal.”

A request has been made to the Superintendent of Pensions to extend the deadline for filing submissions until December 5 so that the Pension and Benefits Committee and the city can submit a joint proposal to the Superintendent.

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