Executive Board

CUPE Saskatchewan Division’s 16-member Executive Board carries out the decisions made at the Annual Convention and is the primary governing body of CUPE Saskatchewan Division.  Members of the Executive Board are elected at the Annual Convention in alternate years for two-year terms.

TOM GRAHAM, President of CUPE Saskatchewan Division, serves as the chief spokesman.

Executive Board members following elections held at the 49th Annual Convention (March 2014):

Name Position CUPE local membership
TOM GRAHAM President 859
DOLORES DOUGLAS Vice-President 2669
DEBBIE HUBICK Recording Secretary 5999
JUDY HENLEY Secretary-Treasurer 4980
JODI (JOE-ANNE) GOSSELIN Aboriginal Member 5999
LAURIE SHIELS Diversity Member 5999
LISA WOROBEC Young Worker Member 2669
KRISTINA ATHERTON CBO Sector Representative 3207
MARCIA RAY Education Sector Representative 5512
PEARL BLOMMAERT Health Sector Representative 4980
GORDON CAMPBELL Health Sector Representative 3967
DEBBIE MIHAIL Library Sector Representative 1594
JACALYN LUTHERBACH Local 600 Representative 600
ANITA LABOSSIERE Boards & Agencies Sector Representative 3736
MARK ENRIGHT Municipal Sector Representative 7
KRISTIN TRONDSON University Sector Representative 1975

Please contact the CUPE Saskatchewan Division Office for further enquiries regarding the Executive Board or to arrange contacts for media.