CUPE Saskatchewan, Health Care Council, and Local 3761 to donate $11,000 to Fort McMurray disaster relief fund

Firefighter putting out flames in forrest near Fort McMurray, Alberta

Firefighter putting out flames in forest near Fort McMurray, Alberta

The devastation caused by the Fort McMurray wildfire has stunned people across Canada, with the entire city of Fort McMurray evacuated and thousands of homes and buildings destroyed. Among the approximately 90,000 displaced residents were thousands of CUPE members and their families. They work in elementary and secondary schools, municipalities, recreation programs, at the airport and in social service organizations.

In solidarity with our sisters and brothers in northern Alberta, and with all people affected by the historic fire, CUPE Saskatchewan, the CUPE Saskatchewan Health Care Council of Unions and CUPE Local 3761 will be donating $11,000 to the CUPE National Disaster Relief Fund – Wildfires in Northern Alberta.

“We saw the devastation from northern fires firsthand in Saskatchewan last year, with 10,000 people evacuated in the north,” says CUPE Saskatchewan President Tom Graham. “It’s important for communities to come together and reach out to ensure everyone’s needs are met.”

Donations to the CUPE National Disaster Relief Fund go directly to the affected communities. CUPE locals and members in Saskatchewan are encouraged to donate. Within Saskatchewan, donations can be sent c/o of the CUPE Saskatchewan Division before May 31 2016: 

CUPE Saskatchewan
3725 E Eastgate Drive
Regina, SK
S4Z 1A5